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Who are Newcomers of the First Coast?

We are a group of caring women whose main purpose is to welcome, offer friendship and provide information about our community in Jacksonville, Florida to those women new to the area. 

Our club has members of all ages (21 and older) and many different interests. While membership eligibility is open to all women in the area, both new and long-time residents, almost all of our members reside in areas east of downtown Jacksonville and most of our activities are conducted at members' homes and the Queen's Harbour Country Club.

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Why should you become a member? Here's what our members say:

I moved to Jacksonville in 2010 and my new neighbor dropped by and gave me a Newcomers newsletter and invited me to a luncheon. I attended, and all the ladies were so warm and welcoming that I was hooked. It has been a wonderful experience and such a great way to meet people. I have so many fantastic friends now as a result of joining. The variety of activities offered and the worthwhile causes we are involved in has made it an extremely rewarding experience…Suzanne 

Even though I lived in the area for several years, joining Newcomers provided me with wonderful opportunities to learn so much about the area through fascinating speakers and to explore new restaurants through the luncheon venues.  Participating on the board was a great way to meet so many terrific ladies that I am now lucky to call friends…Christine

We moved to Queens Harbor almost 9 years ago. I was invited to my first Newcomers luncheon at Alhambra Theater by Julie ---. When we walked into the theater for the luncheon, I broke off from Julie and was talking to several others, Julie finally found me to say she was holding a seat at her table, she said I can tell I don’t have to entertain you. Newcomers has been a highlight for me in so many ways, I so enjoy the camaraderie!...Mary

After moving into a new neighborhood in 2014 and knowing no one here, I was really excited to meet someone who introduced me to Newcomers Club of the First Coast. Even though I had moved just 45 minutes from here I was anxious to meet and make new friends. Newcomers Club of the First Coast has been wonderful in fulfilling that desire. I have made many friends through them and really enjoy my “new life”. With all the activities they offer, life is never boring!...Kathy

I moved here a little more than a year ago- and was surprised at how much Newcomers had to offer.  We have had so much fun at Newcomers events- especially love the neighborhood wine parties, couple’s events- and the luncheons.  Also surprised that you don’t have to be “New”- it seems most members join- and stay (and I don’t blame them!)…Connie

Having moved to Jax from out of state and knowing very few people in the area and none in our neighborhood, I was a bit lost before being introduced by a neighbor to Newcomers. There are so many organized activities to choose from that you could stay busy all the time if you choose to do so—activities for day, night, just the ladies, and including spouses. There are members that are new to the area and members that have been in the Jax area for quite some time, so have the answers to those new-to-town questions.  It is never easy to walk into a room where you know no one, but the members of Newcomers were quick to introduce themselves; now when I walk into a Newcomers function, I am not walking into a room of strangers, but into a room of friends…Sara

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