Newcomers of the First Coast

    Uniting People in Friendship from Every Direction

Newcomers of the First Coast has many activities throughout the year that are open to all members. Monthly luncheon meetings are held September through May with programs featuring interesting topics or providing entertainment.

Most interest groups meet regularly on a monthly basis. For more information, click on one of the links below.

In addition to monthly luncheons and interest group activities, social events are planned and occur periodically throughout the year. Some events may also include spouses/significant others. 

Prospective members may attend two events as a guest but will be required to join to participate in further activities. 

Book Club

The Newcomers Book Club meets the third Monday of the month at 1:00 pm, and everyone is welcome! 

Book titles are selected at the beginning of the year and we take turns hosting the discussions in a member's home.

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Coffee Chat

If you are new to Newcomers, this is the perfect event for making friends in a more intimate, welcoming gathering!  Coffee chat is usually held on the fourth Thursday of the month. It is always rewarding to meet and share thoughts with others who value your friendship and interests.  Please join us for conversation, laughs, coffee (or tea), and friendship! 

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The Genealogy group meets monthly on the second Friday to share information and learn about genealogy. Sometimes there are Webinars and sometimes the monthly meeting is replaced by attending special conferences and seminars in the area.

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Ladies' Poker

Ladies' Poker meets in the afternoon on the second Wednesday of the month. Regular monthly games are for experienced players and cost $20 in quarters.

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Wine Social

Newcomers Wine Socials are held on the first Sunday of the month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, October through May. These gatherings are a wonderful way to wrap up the weekend with friends and neighbors in a casual setting. Each guest is asked to bring their own wine (or other beverage), glass, and an appetizer or dessert to share if you wish. Significant others are welcome (but not required!).

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